I love word puzzles. Do you?

If so, FLOW WORD is the fun, challenging and addictive app for you!

FLOW WORD is the perfect puzzle app for a short break, a long commute, or a quiet five minutes to yourself.

The game-play is straightforward: use the correct letters, to complete the words on the grid. The 500 free levels have been carefully designed to offer ever more challenging levels. Levels start from basic, taking just a few seconds to solve, to levels which will have you racking your brains for minutes at a time.

As a life-long puzzle enthusiast, I have made this for fellow word puzzle fans. Removing the annoying ads, and endless (costly) in-app purchases, I hope you will find a simple, enjoyable and engrossing app.

Here are two example levels to get you started. Can you create the two holiday related words? (The green word starts with the “B”, and the blue word with the “S”)

Okay, so hopefully you got those two (answers at the bottom of the page). How about this second one? (The word begins with the “P”)

If you need a hint, a beautiful in Western Europe…

Ok, so this is the basics of FLOW WORD.

Download today, and begin the fun!


  1. Beach and Sun
  2. Portugal

Love for FLOW WORD from current players:

 “Really impressed when I came across this little gem of a game. Nice and simple layout and I can already see I’m going to get addicted to this.”

“A simple format that get’s progressively more difficult. I can’t seem to put it down – very addictive!!”

“This game is very entertaining. I got past the 100th level and found the puzzles quite challenging, especially where multiple solutions are possible. Great brain teaser.”

“A challenging and exciting game. Great way to keep the brain fresh. Addictive, addictive, addictive; need to make sure I’m always ahead of my friends.”

“An engaging challenge, straightforward, fun and addictive!”

“Great game with lots of challenge, real feeling of achievement when you complete a level. Fun addictive game.”

“Really addictive game. Missed my tube stop yesterday playing it. Worth downloading for commutes. Enjoy!”

“Great puzzler with a perfect learning curve. Simple but enjoyable game play that I keep finding myself coming back too. Plus points for being completely free with no annoying IAPs or pay to win mechanics. Thumbs up!”

“Love playing this game so far! On level 128 & great feeling of satisfaction each time I complete a level. Like the fact its a proper challenge but equally appreciate the free hints on a couple of the levels I was stuck on. Really gets you thinking! Like the level signposting so I can clearly see how I’m progressing. Look forward to cracking on with some more levels on the train tomorrow!”

“Simple game which is highly addictive and challenging – so nice no adverts and free hints

“Great game for when you have some time to kill……..but then you realise you don’t want to put it down”

“Love this! It’s nice and easy to start with, and then gets progressively harder as you move through the levels. Before you know it, you’re questioning yourself over the simplest spelling!! Very addictive, great word game”

“Love a good word game so it’s nice to find a new concept – and free too – yay!”

“Really enjoying this – the interface is simple and allows you to get problem solving and word spotting to your heart’s content”

“This is a great game. Highly addictive, I could play for hours.”

“Great little app, I can see this getting quite addictive!”

“Downloaded today and can’t stop playing! Wonderful word game – challenging and great fun. Download it now!”

“Great way to improve your problem solving skills – and put them to the test! Continually challenging tasks keep your mind ‘on its toes’. Simple set up, haven’t encountered any glitches, small file size. Worth a try for anyone who loves challenges and problem solving!”

“This game will keep you hooked and playing for hours. Highly addictive.”